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Mad Max - Nux and Capable v1 by TerraForever
Mad Max - Nux and Capable v1
Love me some Nux and Capable. This is version 1 since I'm working on a slightly less emo version lol but sadly I'm not sure that will be any better. *sigh* i just cannot do real people much less real people in a short amount of time. 

If you haven't already seen Mad Max Fury Road then get on it! It's a great movie even for those who haven't seen the previous Mad Max movies (like me; I've only seen some random bits here and there). 
Mad Max - Furiosa by TerraForever
Mad Max - Furiosa
Another quick doodle for the Wizard World Sacramento Comic-Con. I know this doesn't do Furiosa's badassery any justice but if I had time I would have done something more, something different. She's such an awesome character and Charlize Theron was perfect for the role. 

I wanted it to be intentionally sketchy and messy for the messy gritty look of the movie but I think I did a better job at the messy than the sketchy and artsy =\ I'm also terrible at drawing real people so I didn't really try too hard to make it look like the actress cause it never would have worked out anyway lol
Spider-Gwen Swinging Around by TerraForever
Spider-Gwen Swinging Around
Just a quick and simple print for the Wizard World Sacramento Comic-Con... I love the concept of Spider-Gwen and of course her costume is pretty hip. Yet despite its simplicity I really couldn't get it right but whatevs :P And yes I totally copped out on the buildings. You'd think it'd be easier to do them with all the straight lines and simple rules but perspective and I don't get along. I'm tempted to do another version with her mask off and her blond hair flowing behind her (if you know anything about my doodles I love drawing hair lol). 

Fanime 2012 ReCap

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 3, 2012, 3:42 PM
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Handmade Cards and Crafts:iconkatrinas-kards-inc: moving to :iconkatrinas-kards-ink:

Now that Fanime 2012 has come and gone I have to say I'm both sad and relieved. I had such a GREAT time! I got to meet some awesome people, hang out with some awesome people, and then it was over and it was total sadness. It was especially sad since I apparently got some nerd flu/allergy hybrid that is still plaguing me. It totally knocked me out for most of last week and it made work really...tough lol. But thankfully my work is awesome and they were really understanding (even told me to go home a couple of times). I'm still not feeling great and it's been very up and down but it's definitely better than where I was earlier this week. (Fevers are not fun, just sayin')

Thank you thank you to everyone who came by my table whether you purchased something or not! It's always great to just know that people are interested in your art and crafts and randomness. :) You've made this doodler's ego explode a few times here and there and it's a really great feeling.

I really hope I can get a table at FAnime again next year. I've been going to that thing for ages (6 yrs now? More?) I still remember the good ol' days when it was tiny and held at the Santa Clara Convention Center and Artist Alley was literally 10-20 artists in the alley between the different rooms. Crazy sauce. And it's all thanks to :iconstitchmind: who started it all for me.

I really got inspired to do much better art and have a less ghetto display but I just wish I had more time. It's really tough to compete against all those young artists who are younger, more talented, more practiced, and a lot cuter haha. I need to figure out better angles to set myself apart since my doodles definitely aren't going to do it. I just wish I also had more table space! I had all this jewelry I wanted to sell but had no place to put it :( 2'x6' tables are way too tiny. I gotta admit, one great thing about smaller cons like SacAnime and SNAFU is that I get my table space. I have to pay more for it at SacAnime but in the end I guess it's worth it.

So my next con is August 31-Sept 2nd at SacAnime. I was thinking about doing another one in between if I could but just realized I have to put my nose to the grinder and study for that stupid ugly TEAS test to apply for nursing school. Blegh. Someone save me from this tragic life and be my Sugar Daddy (or Mommy, I don't discriminate) so I can doodle and craft for the rest of my life. I'll totally make it worth it *cough* So I may go dark again whilst I study but I'll definitely throw in a new print and some new buttons. And of course, MORE ONIGIRI! I have already been chided for not having Loki as part of my Avengers set and I definitely need to do more Marvel/DC ones.

I am ALWAYS open to new ideas for Onigiri so please please tell me who you want to see! (Especially if you'll buy them *cough*) =3


Commissions OPEN but only for Long-term projects! I am too busy at the moment and can't promise a finish product except for a few months from now. If you are ok with that please NOTE me

If you like what you see in my Gallery, please also check out my Scraps. It's...scrappy but there are a few things i like in there ^.^

All works here , while they might not be worth recreating or stealing, belong to Katrina Salumbides. Please ask for Permission before using any of my work and credit me if you do use it. I may not be very good but I spend a lot of time and effort on these pieces and I would appreciate some credit. Thank You.

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Happy Birthday, Katrina!
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Happy Birthday Katrina. ^_^
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XxAirBlowxX Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i see you like avatar and the legend of korra

TerraForever Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
Yes! I don't quite like Korra as much as the original series but they're both really great!
XxAirBlowxX Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
yh true
kimchikawaii Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Professional General Artist
Was so fun meeting you at Kintoki Con. I put the magnet up on my fridge and the Harry Potter onigiri on the bulletin board next to my computer. Hope to see you again at SacAnime!
TerraForever Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Aww you are so awesome. :hug: It was so much fun meeting YOU and getting all your stuff! I am toootally buying more at SacAnime, especially if I can actually get a helper and escape from my table. Let me know if you ever have any special requests! 
kimchikawaii Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you! Where is your table at SacAnime, btw? I'll have my friend Julie with me again so I'll get to roam a bit at that con as well :) Gotta get back to stocking up stuff!
TerraForever Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
I'm at AA12. I'll be next to DJ Welch and Sarah Straub (she was also at Kintoki and next to me). I'm super excited for SacAnime even though I'm super behind on prepping for it lol. I don't usually have a helper but I'm going to try and sneak away and make some rounds. I think I'm hooked on art trades now lol and just generally ogling all the pretty stuff. And I know SacAnime is going to have even more talented artists. I can't wait to buy more stuff from you. 

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